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Lockable medication bag

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One of the major problems faced by those who consume medications is that children, teenagers and others are stealing or consuming their medicines, if they leave the bag in the open. Hence to prevent unauthorised access, there is provision for locking the bag with a padlock. Usually three keys are supplied with each lock. Customers can also use their own combination lock with the bag to keep it secure. The durable synthetic material is also difficult to tamper, so the user can be sure that the medicines will remain secure even if they leave the bag unattended.

Another advantage of the portable medication bag is that it is light in weight and compact in size, so it can be easily carried while travelling. Most people like to keep their medical records and history confidential, so this lockable bag helps them to have the medicines prescribed at office, college, while travelling and other places, without letting others know. In addition to medicines, the bag can be used to carry other expensive items like perfumes, which should be stolen or misused.
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