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Embroidery work at home, is a good option for women

A few days ago, a pretty lady had contacted the domain investor near her house asking for su in mahadurga building who was doing embroidery work. She had come with a person in a white mercedes benz car

Initially the car had stopped in front of the house of the gujju school dropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan, who looks like actress sneha wagh, since she has the poshest house in the row, with plenty of black money and security agencies in panaji are duping people that the gujju sex queen (like raw employee call girl sunaina chodan), who does not spend any money on domains, owns domains of a private citizen

This again highlights the great demand for women who are skilled in doing embroidery work, that wealthy people come so far searching for them.
Well embroidered clothes and home furnishings are fairly expensive.
The work can be done at home conveniently by women, whenever they have free time.

Textile painting technique

Since embroidery is fairly time consuming, especially stitches like the satin stitch, many women are preferring to do textile painting for custom designed clothes
The process of painting is fairly simple
First the picture, or pattern is drawn on the fabric which is being painted.
Then oil paints, are used to paint the design on the fabric
The fabric should be left aside so that it can dry , if anyone will touch it when wet, it will smudge

Please note that raw/cbi employees especially sunaina chodan are not associated with the website, though they make fake claims