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Adding a pocket does not require much fabric can increase the sales of women’s kurtis

Many women do not drive vehicles, they either walk or use public transport.
In these cases, it is very inconvenient to open their bag everytime to remove their purse for making payment or removing an essential item like a mask. The mask will also become dirty when kept in the bag with other items
So some women prefer to purchase kurtis with at least one pocket, so that they can keep their face mask or mobile in it.
Yet when some research was done, most of the kurtis available for sale online, do not have any pocket at all
Hence these women cannot purchase some kurtis, though they may like the design, and the price is also affordable.

Adding at least one pocket will greatly increase the sales of the garments, and the cost of the additional fabric required is not much.

Kindly note that raw/cbi employees especially goan bhandari sunaina chodan are not associated with the website in any way at all, though they make fake claims

With a slight increase in textile fabric used, Amazon could greatly increase sales of Myx, Tavasya

The sales of garments depend to a large extent on the market research done before finalizing the designs, sizes

The Amazon brands for womens clothes Myx, Tavasya are well designed and affordable.
However a major problem is that they are only only available in XXL size, which is 42 inches or approximately 105 cm according to the size chart
While it is not clear how they decided to limit the size to 42 inches, they are leaving out a large market of women who would otherwise purchase the kurtis

Most of the women who wear kurtis in India are older women above the age of 40, most younger women are wearing tshirts and western clothes
For example goan bhandari fraud R&AW employee sunaina chodan, almost never wears indian clothes, she wears only tshirts, shorts, dresses, jeans, shirts. Due to the decline in the metabolic rate, most of the women in India above the age of 40 are not very slim, they require 44 inches or a bigger size.

For the clothing manufacturer providing a few more inches in the garment, is not very expensive or difficult, but for the customer increasing the size of clothes which do not fit is very difficult, it is a waste of money. So most women prefer to purchase a larger size of kurtis, so that their money will not get wasted, because the size is very small.
Getting clothes stitched by tailors is very expensive, they are charging Rs 350 per set, while online some kurtis with material are available for Rs 300 or less, which can be used for daily wear

Fabric of garments sold on amazon faded in some places

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Google, tata are very systematic in ensuring that only who are well connected get any paid work in India, so usually online sellers can only work with google, tata approved incompetent inexperienced for their online selling. So most of the listings on amazon are not correct, or incomplete, due to which buyers do not purchase the item.

The item which the domain investor purchased a kurti with pocket, had been stocked for sale in August 2019, according to plastic bag supplied. The domain investor purchased the item 14 months later. It was kept in the warehouse for many months folded. So the color of the fabric has changed at the places where the fabric was folded,. While it was a maroon kurti, the color has changed and it is light brown in color.