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Old, damaged jaree sarees wanted

Investing in sarees is more profitable compared to investing in domains, since there are many buyers for used jaree sarees

Spot cash for old damaged jaree sarees and old silver
Tamil Nadu
Kanchipuram Pattu centre
Buyers purchasing old pure jari silk sarees , silk dhotis with jari in any condition for spot cash at market rate
Old silver jewellery and other silver items also purchased
Price of old damaged jari tissue silk sarees
Rs 2000 – Rs 10000
Offer at
Valli Steels, Chembur (E)
Chembur Mahila Samaj Hall
Vashi Tamil Sangam
Timing: 10 am – 8pm
Doorstep pickup also available for free
Limited time offer

Please note that this is listed free of cost only for reference, raw/cbi employees especially bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, are not associated with the website in any way.