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Microfiber towels/cloths are used extensively for cleaning vehicles, especially cars

microfiber cloth for cleaning

Due to the structure of the fabric, Microfiber towels/cloths are used extensively for cleaning especially cars
They will quickly remove the dirt, and it also easier to clean them
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Tailor forced to close shop to show that the domain investor has no expenses

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The next time the domain investor visited, she noticed that the tailor was not planning to open his shop the entire day, he has only posted his phone numbers

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Adding a pocket does not require much fabric can increase the sales of women’s kurtis

Many women do not drive vehicles, they either walk or use public transport.
In these cases, it is very inconvenient to open their bag everytime to remove their purse for making payment or removing an essential item like a mask. The mask will also become dirty when kept in the bag with other items
So some women prefer to purchase kurtis with at least one pocket, so that they can keep their face mask or mobile in it.
Yet when some research was done, most of the kurtis available for sale online, do not have any pocket at all
Hence these women cannot purchase some kurtis, though they may like the design, and the price is also affordable.

Adding at least one pocket will greatly increase the sales of the garments, and the cost of the additional fabric required is not much.

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