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Attractive Christmas garden decor
Are looking for outdoor decorations for the festive season especially Christmas? This colorful garden flag is designed specially for Christmas and will greet visitors to your house, giving it a festive look. The bright colors will contrast well with the white snow around your house during winter and add a cheerful touch. The cloth flag has the image of a large green wreath with a bow on a brightly colored plaid background so that it makes the front yard look festive and is easily visible from a distance. Even people passing by your house will praise the beautiful modern and intricate design of the flag.
Durable material
The garden flag is manufactured from the best quality fabric, which is very durable and designed to withstand all weather conditions for several years. The material used is also fade resistant, so the bright colors used will not fade and the flag will not get frayed.
House sign for locating
During Christmas holidays, friends and relatives often visit your house. In addition to enhancing the curbside appeal of the house by installing this colorful flag in the front yard, it can also help in giving directions to visitors to the house. Due to the heavy snowfall it is often difficult to identify the house, all the houses in the area look similar when covered with snow. The brightly colored flag will make it easy for visitors to find your house quickly, they do not have to waste time searching for your house in the cold weather, and make their visit more enjoyable
Flag size
The dimensions of the flag are 18″ X 12.6″ making it large enough for decorating the front yard. The double sided flag has the message ” Merry Christmas” visible from both the sides. The vibrant colors will match the other outdoor decor. The flag has a wide sleeve so that it can be easily fitted on any flag pole
Multiple applications
The flag can be installed at diffent places in the property. It can be used as a Christmas greeting message at the beginning or end of the driveway or walkway. It can be also installed near the mailbox, to making this holiday decor stand out. This flag will also be an excellent gift for those who like garden, lawn, outdoor decoration.
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