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Silk , jari sarees, dhotis wanted

Due to the increase in gold and silver prices, there is a major increase in demand for jaree sarees and old silver material, with multiple advertisements
Advertiser interested in purchasing
Old (damaged) pure jari silk sarees
silk dhotis with jari in any condition
Kanchipuram Silk
Mysore silk
Benaras silk dhoti
Silk Pavadal
old silver jewellery
other silver items
Old watches
Old Jadebille
Pavala Mali
Old Pavalam
Spot cash payment
Old damaged jari tissue silk saree price, marriage and reception tissue sarees varies from Rs 10000
Home pickup also available
Offer available from 26/8/2023 to 31/8/2023
Chembur Mahila Samaj Hall
Chembur (E)
Shop. no. 30, Shakti Opticals, Goregaon (W)
Timing: 10 am – 8 pm
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Old, damaged jaree sarees wanted

Investing in sarees is more profitable compared to investing in domains, since there are many buyers for used jaree sarees

Spot cash for old damaged jaree sarees and old silver
Tamil Nadu
Kanchipuram Pattu centre
Buyers purchasing old pure jari silk sarees , silk dhotis with jari in any condition for spot cash at market rate
Old silver jewellery and other silver items also purchased
Price of old damaged jari tissue silk sarees
Rs 2000 – Rs 10000
Offer at
Valli Steels, Chembur (E)
Chembur Mahila Samaj Hall
Vashi Tamil Sangam
Timing: 10 am – 8pm
Doorstep pickup also available for free
Limited time offer

Please note that this is listed free of cost only for reference, raw/cbi employees especially bengaluru brahmin cheater nayanshree, are not associated with the website in any way.

Universal Outdoor Acoustical Blankets Acoustic Blanket Collapsible Barrier Noise Barrier Curtains

Universal Outdoor Acoustical Blankets Acoustic Blanket Collapsible Barrier Noise Barrier Curtains

NoiseBarrierTarp is one of the leading professional manufacturers engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of acoustic materials in Guangdong Province. Our factory covers 5, 000 square meters with several advanced production lines. Our company has won China Certificate for Enabling Products & China Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

Recent Inquiries

(1). We need noise barrier wall for installation at sides of a highway, If you are a manufacturing factory for this item, pls give me technical and commercial information on different types you may manufacture?

(2). I’d like to receive a quote for the supply of 60mq of soundproof removable panel model 100 with the following features: nr 2 – 10 meters long, 3 meters high and 1 meter wide. I ask you to receive the quote Incoterm DAP to our storehouse located in Cantu’, zip code 220630, (Italy). I’d also like to know in the material has the CE certifications for fire and other certifications.

Acoustic Sound Absorbing Panels Made in China Factory Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board 9mm Thk

Insulation Australia Acoustic Noise Barrier Insulation Material Noise Reduction Barrier

Our products are selling well in Brisbane Australia, Hamilton Canada, Birkenhead United Kingdom, Jessore Bangladesh, Fos, Monclova Mexico, Tacloban Philippines, Pohang South Korea, Porto Portugal, Bandar Anzali Iran, Tumkur India, Paita Peru, and other countries and regions in the world.

With a professional team, our products have successfully sold to customers of home theater installer, design consulting studio, general contracting company, fit out construction firm, etc. InteriorNDecoration provides customized curtains and curtains, blinds, home accessories, event decoration and interior design services. RenovationAJ offers renovations, alterations, kitchens, bathrooms, structural repairs, house additions, roofs and custom cabinets. QNZNUF is a leading interior design company specializing in interior design, decoration and contract work. YQWTB is a full-service external company that provides roofing and siding services for homes and businesses in the Edmonton area. JKRIQ provides a variety of products, including: ready-mixed concrete and related contractor’s equipment and supplies; household and commercial glass, etc.

It can be used for noise enclosures, industrial equipments, gearbox casings noise reduction, traffic noise reduction fences, thermal generating station, compressor housing, road saw noise reduction, extended construction site working hours, general plant noise, liquid cooler noise control, and so on.

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Microfiber towels/cloths are used extensively for cleaning vehicles, especially cars

microfiber cloth for cleaning

Due to the structure of the fabric, Microfiber towels/cloths are used extensively for cleaning especially cars
They will quickly remove the dirt, and it also easier to clean them
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Textile Exhibition of North Africa

This information is listed free and compiled from newspapers/flyers/email or purchased product, for a free listing please email
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The Biggest Textile Exhibition of North Africa


North Africa’s most prestigious textile fair, INTERTEX TUNISIA,
is ready to meet sector professionals between 19 – 21 October 2023.

Take your place at Intertex Tunisia and benefit from
unique export opportunities.

Visit INTERTEX TUNISIA and discover latest trends
and meet new suppliers.

Do not forget to register now!

Exhibitor Profile
Ready to wear


Fiber, Yarn and Raw Material

Wool, Silk, Lace, Embroidery

Printed Fabrics

Color-Woven-Shirting Fabrics

Denim Fabrics and Weavers

Buttons, Zippers Other Types of Trims


Digital Printing

Designers and Design Studio

Textile Machinery
Visitor Profile
Apparel Brands

Fashion Labels

Textile Manufacturers & Exporters

Denim Brands and Exporters

Retail Chain Stores and Purchasers

Fashion Designers and Design Houses

Importers and Distributors of Textile
and Fashion Products

Buying Houses and Agents

Trade Body Representatives

Chamber of Commerce

International Sourcing Offices

Contact us:

1400 Ocean Ave, Brooklyn, New York, US 11230 +1 646 604 94 84

garment factory computers hacked, sending phising mails for fabric

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We have sent you below original sample and fabric swatches of original sample on 13th October via FedEx AWB. 810749062950.

Please find the attached sample control sheet.

1. SKU 337854/CHFW20DC083— Fabric swatch.

2. SKU 338093/CSM-13 – Original sample.


Thanks & Regards


Sr. Merchandiser

Shree Mahavir Enterprise

B-51, sector-63, Noida-201301(U.P) India

Mob. +919818224639

Print on demand embroidery

Dropshirt is an eco-friendly provider of print on demand embroidery for custom apparel. We offer world-class sustainability, reliable quality, a technology-first approach, and short lead times for dropshipping, merchandising, and more.

Embroidery makes any garment or fashion accessory look more attractive, so people are always interested in print on demand embroidery

Spot cash for old damaged silk sarees

Buyer purchasing old/damaged silk sarees with saree pure zarige, kanchipuram silk, mysore silk, pure zari, banaras, silk dhoti, silk pavadai in any condition,
Best price as per kanchipuram babusab & prakash society rate
Sellers can also contact on phone to college jari silk sarees from home.
any condition old marriage tissue reception sarees taken
cost between Rs 1000 to Rs 10000 spot cash immediately

Buyer also purchasing old watches, old jadebille, pavala mali , silver things, old pavalam, old covering at best price, spot cash
Limited time purchase offer
For details of buyer please email to or
This is from newspaper ad.

Cow upper, nubuck, and pig leather

Offer from a tannery, it is reposted for free

1.) Cow upper(over 20 types of faces, 1.2-1.4mm, avg size 18sqft, USA or Canada origin, USD0.95/sqft or up
2.) Cow nubuck, 1.2-1.4mm, avg size 18sqft, USA or Canada origin, USD1.16/sqft
3.) Pig leather lining, 0.6-0.8mm, price starting from USD0.28/sqft

We can send you free samples and our catalog with over 20 types of cow leather faces.

Handloom exhibition for purchasing textiles

Handloom India, good for purchasing textiles
Exhibition cum sale of Natural Fibre silk
Coomaraswamy Hall (Prince of wales museum)
M.G. Road, Kala Ghoda, Fort Mumbai
Expo of 100% Handloom, silk, cotton, linen handloom products from all over india
Silk mark certified genuine silk products
Weavers from Banaras, Kanchipuram, Bihar Tassar, Rajkot Patola, West bengal Baylu, Baluchari, Kantha & printed, Dharmavaram, Paithani, Chanderi, Eri (Ahimsa) saree, Shibori & Azrak print, dress material
Timing : 5 to 9 May 2022, Time: 11 am to 7 pm
All credit and debit cards accepted
This is posted free of cost only for information, using newspaper ads
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