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Medication bag design

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Many people, especially older people, are prescribed a large number of medicines, which they often misplace. Hence they are looking for a medication bag, where they can keep all their medicines together, and can easily retrieve them. Additionally children and teenagers may often open a medicine bag and consume the medicines out of curiosity. While travelling, medicines may be stolen if they are not securely locked. Hence many people are interested in finding a light weight lockable bag for their medications like the medication lock bag.

The medication bag is designed to help patients organize their medicines, so that they do not waste their time searching for the medicines, pills and other supplements. The bag is suitable for keeping the medications which are used most frequently in one place, so that they can be easily accessed whenever they are required. The medication bottles or pill boxes are fixed on either side of the bag. The tote bag has a strap which can be used to carry it conveniently. When not in use, the bag can also be hanged from a hook on the wall or cupboard

For greater flexibility, the bag, has a number of elastic straps which can be used to hold the pill or supplement bottles in place. The size of the strap will increase or decrease depending on the bottle size since it is elastic. Though ideally only one bottle can be accomodated in each strap, if smaller bottles are available, more than one bottle can be accomodated in the strap. The seller has specified that some larger medicine bottles with supplies for 90 days may not fit in the straps. The bottles are not supplied with the bag, however a sample bottle can be provided on request.