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Stuffed teddy bear in pilot uniform

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Children love receiving gifts, so their parents, relatives and others are always interested in finding suitable well designed and affordable gifts for them. Flying airplanes is glamorous and many children are fascinated by airplanes and the pilots who are flying these planes. Teddy bears are popular toys for children since they are soft and huggable. Many children like to carry their teddy bears with them, especially when they are going to sleep. Now it is possible to combine the pilots uniform with a teddy bear in the well designed Pilot stuffed teddy bear

The body of the teddy bear is made from high quality plush material which is light brown in color. This material is very soft like velvet, so the child would like to hug it. Since the plush material is very soft, there is no danger of scratches or any kind of injury. To give the bear a realistic look and make it more likeable, it has ears, and a nose. The teddy bear is stuffed to make it softer and fuller. Like a real bear, the feet of the teddy bear are larger than the hands. Material of the highest quality is used for making the teddy bear. In case the teddy bear becomes dirty, it is possible to wash the bear using detergents

The teddy bear toy is supplied wearing clothes so that it resembles a pilot. The pilots uniform worn by the teddy bear is black in color with a fur collar. There is also a uniform available with a hoodie, which will cover part of the head of the bear. No hat is supplied with the teddy bear. The uniform has pockets on the front side, and long sleeves. In addition to making the teddy bear look like pilot like, the uniform also protects the plush material of the bear toy, so that it does not get dirty or damaged quickly. The uniform can be removed if required for washing the bear or its uniform.

Size and design
The manufacturer of the teddy bear has specified that the toy will be of height 11 inches. However they can customize the bear to supply bears in the size required by the customer, since only large orders are being accepted. The teddy bear is supplied in the seated position, with its arms and legs outstretched. The design, color of the uniform of the teddy bear and the color of the plush material used can also be customized based on the requirement of the customer. The price of the toy is less than $10 and the minimum order quantity is one thousand.

In addition to gifting for birthdays and other occassions, the teddy bear is an ideal gift which hotels, restaurants, airline, buses, trains and others can give to children visiting them or travelling. Small children are always restless and will wander around or get bored when they are outside, so the parents are always looking for toys which will keep them busy. Usually most families do not carry the toys for children when they are travelling or outdoors, so the pilot bear toy is the ideal gift to make children happy and busy. The toy can be customized with the logo of the customer.