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Hand embroidered items look expensive

One of the easiest ways to make any clothing item look expensive is by getting some hand embroidery done on it
The hand embroidery if done properly will make the garment or garment accessory look extremely beautiful
Cushion covers, tableclothes and tea cosies are preferred for embroidery
Often these embroidered items will last for decades , unlike clothes which get spoiled easily
If these hand embroidered items are purchased from other sources, they are fairly expensive

Embroidery and painting compared

In some cases, women do not have sufficient time to do embroidery work, especially of their own clothes, so they prefer to paint their clothes.

Painting the clothes can take less time, however it is messy and proper arrangements have to be made for water and paint. It is advisable to make the design on a tracing paper and then transfer the design on the fabric to be painted .

In addition to tshirts, kurtis, tops, fabric painting can be used very effectively to paint home textiles like bedsheets, pillow covers, table cloths, curtains converting the mass produced item to unique designer item,

Embroidery on textiles

One of the most popular forms of textile art is embroidery on textiles. Though it is very aesthetically pleasing embroidery, especially by hand can take a lot of time. Machine embroidery may take less time, how the quality of the machine embroidery is not as good as hand embroidery as there is less control of the machine doing embroidery.

Clothes with hand embroidery are usually priced far higher than printed clothes as well designed hand embroidery can be considered to be a work of art. In India, many fashion designers are using very intricate embroidery for the designer clothes which they are selling and are charging a premium price.

They usually have kaarigars or artists who are doing the hand embroidery work at home.