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Batik printing

Batik work is another way to colour fabric. It usually consists of at least two colors, though three or more more color may be used. The colors are darker shades, with green, red, orange, blue being popular. It is popular because it takes comparatively less time and gives a unique print to the garment or fabric. A decade ago, batik printing was more popular, now fewer people wear clothes with batik printing

However the batik printing is more suitable for informal clothes, like beachwear, holiday clothes

Cotton clothes do not dry quickly, cause illness

It is very easy for government officials to say that women should not wear synthetic clothes, and label them as illegal migrants, however the fact remains that for a person who is likely to get wet in the rains, it is not practical to wear cotton clothes.

The cotton clothes do not get dry quickly and wearing wet clothes for a very long period of time, can cause illness which the person wearing the clothes has to suffer, not the well paid government employee, travelling in vehicles, passing comments. Even drying these clothes on the clothes stand is a headache

If the person is outdoors for 8 hours or more wearing the wet clothes, the possibility of getting sick are very high. So if it is raining heavily, it is better to wear synthetic clothes