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Doing stitching work is far less frustrating than internet work due to indian government online fraud

One of the greatest frauds of the goan and indian government is how they are mocking the computer, internet work at home as being extremely simple when it is extremely tedious and also time consuming due to ntro hacking

For example getting a reliable internet connection is a major problem in goa for uploading and downloading a file it can take 30 minute
The time is spent in front of the computer, no other work is being done, while SEX SERVICE provider, cheater, robber raw/cbi employees do not waste any time in front of the computer, yet get a monthly salary because of fraud companies like google, tata, and shameless LIAR NTRO employees who are greater LIARS, CHEATERS than politicians shamelessly MISUSING the name of women domain investors to exploit them

Doing stitching work is less frustrating since all the time is utilized, productive, no time is wasted due to hacking, unreliable internet connection