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Medication bag size and material

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The standard size of the bag is designed to hold eight standard bottles of medicines, four on each side. Each standard size of prescription bottle is of diameter 1 to 1.5 inches, and height 3 1/4″. The standard bag is of size 7″ X 3″ X 4″. For customers who use more medicines and supplements there is a larger size of the safetote bag available, which can hold twelve medication bottles. This bag is slightly larger in size compared to the standard medication bag available with dimensions 9″ X 3.3″ X 5.5″ to accommodate the large number of bottles

The medication bag is made from an improved leather like material which is scratch resistant and durable. The outer layer of the bag is using a vinyl acrylic polyurethane synthetic material for better protection. The internal lining of the bag is made from Terylene Oxford to protect the medicine. The bag has a zipper, so that it can be easily opened and closed whenever required. The material of the bag has been chosen so that the medicines will remain dry, even during rainfall, and will not get contaminated with dirt.